Law Office Testimonials

Brigid’s Clients Say:

“Thanks for handling the messy legal aspects of my divorce. You provided great advice and perspective through a difficult process. I always felt better after talking to you! It is wonderful to be moving on with my new life–and I appreciate all you did to make it possible.”


“I just realized I never thanked you for your great job in helping me become a single person once again. Yes, I realize you tried to help me last December when you reviewed a draft of my pre-nup and recommended that I not sign the document which thereby would have kept me a single person. As we discussed, I guess the warning signs were there but I must have really wanted to be a married man. You were one recommendation …that worked out very well.”


“This was not an easy case and certainly could have been handled much differently. Your skill and thoughtfulness in the way you handled the case made a huge difference in the lives of these individuals and their children.”

(Opposing Counsel)

“It is with great joy that I have the honor of informing you that you have been selected as the DuPage Association of Women Lawyers’ 2011 Inspirational Woman. We ask for nominations each year and this is the first year that all the nominations came back for the same person, so a general election was not even required!”

(DuPage Association of Women Lawyers)

Legally Speaking Testimonials

“Thank you for making the June 19, Joliet seminar a huge success. In addition to the roughly 250 who attended the live program, nearly 4,000 other lawyers have viewed the webcast to date. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as shown in the enclosed summary of the evaluations received from both the live and webcast audiences.”


“I just wanted to write you a note before this week completely escaped me to say thank you for coming and speaking in my Family Law class last Monday. I sincerely enjoyed your presentation, as I am very interested in ADR and mediation. I also was inspired by your authentic love for the practice of law, and I left class re-energized and ready to become a ‘heroic’ lawyer.”

– Tim Love, Loyola University

Brigid’s no nonsense, engaging style had us hanging on every word. This was the most successful continuing education meeting we have provided for our members. Our group was spellbound by what Brigid had to say…Brigid is the best! What sets Brigid apart is her exceptional interpersonal communication style and ability to motivate people to maintain emotional balance and make positive changes during times of turmoil.

I marveled at last night’s experience, or maybe a better way to say it was that I truly felt blessed. I was moved by the openness and the fellowship of the group and I was riveted by Brigid’s words.

– Divorce Program Client

This was an excellent training, probably the best training I have taken in my professional career.

– 40 Hour Mediation Training Client

Knowledge went from 0 to 100.

– 40 Hour Mediation Training Client

This was very valuable. Everything can be used professionally and personally.

– 40 Hour Mediation Training Client

I learned a lot of valuable information and a new skill to add to my experiences. This is a perfect training course to take to get the most possible experience for mediation training and personal life skills for everyday.

– 40 Hour Mediation Training Client

When I registered for this class I did not know exactly what to expect. But I have learned so much in the span of one week. The things have learned can be valuable to me in my future career of social work and in life. I now have a new way to expand on my future career plans. I honestly learned so much.

– 40 Hour Mediation Training Client

I think this training should be mandatory for every person who works with the public. Fantastic training.

– 40 Hour Mediation Training Client

Great class…would take it all over again and still learn new ideas. Everyone had a chance to ask questions, receive clear answers, and interact as a group. Wonderful.

– Legal Issues in Counseling Client

The workshop was excellent—cutting edge issue.

– “Grandparents raising…not visiting…grandchildren” Seminar Client

A truly rewarding evening providing a vast improvement in my knowledge.

– Divorce Education Seminar Client

Articles Testimonial

“The article in the ISBA Journal is nothing short of terrific. How wonderful it is to have your work and the work of LAP so well presented! It is one of those things that is good for everyone. You managed to make a terrible set of tragedies into an opportunity for growth and recognition for the entire state.”

(Lester Munson)