Resolving conflict with loved ones, particularly when relationships are breaking down, makes most people nervous.

Each person’s situation is unique. Though many circumstances appear to be similar, the ability for people to successfully negotiate their personal issues is often impacted by their own mental and emotional well-being as well as that of their spouse. In mediation, it is important to assess any communication weaknesses, styles and stumbling blocks in order to help spouses reestablish necessary lines of communication. This is particularly important when children are involved.

As an attorney mediator, Brigid Duffield promotes keeping clients out of the court system. Brigid can help you pick your settlement path and gather all the information necessary to keep you out of court.

Whether you are in the “I am just beginning to look into it” or the “I think I’m ready to proceed” stage, or if you find yourself facing a divorce or post decree issues and want to know what to do or what not to do, we are here to help.

Brigid is sensitive to the needs of all parties in the divorce process. She understands that frequently the legal, adversarial system destroys relationships between people – the very people the legal system later expects to co-parent and work together. Helping parties build a “business relationship” to create lines of communication for the future is Brigid’s strong suite.

Brigid was instrumental in the design and implementation of mediation programs throughout the State of Illinois and is an approved trainer of the industry standard, 40 hour mediation course.

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