Mediation And More

Brigid A. Duffield

Mediation and More


Resolving conflict with loved ones, particularly when relationships are breaking down, makes most people nervous. As an attorney mediator, Brigid Duffield encourages clients to stay out of the court system. Brigid can help you pick your settlement path and gather all the information necessary to keep you out of court.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law gives spouses total control over what is happening. Collaborative law is a new way to resolve disputes by removing the disputed matter from the litigious courtroom setting and treating the process as a way to “troubleshoot and problem solve” rather than to fight and win.

When you are searching for an alternative method to settle differences, resolve conflict and avoid a costly courtroom battle, the Law Office of Brigid Duffield, P.C. can help. As a Collaborative Lawyer, Brigid works with other collaborative lawyers to help people resolve conflict and make practical, informed decisions to resolve the issues between them during a divorce without stepping into the court room. Decisions and agreements are made by the clients about custody, parenting arrangements, child and spousal support, and property and debt division. Often the result is less post-divorce litigation.


Arbitration is another alternative divorce solution, used when the two parties want to stay out of court and avoid the often lengthy process that accompanies litigation, or who have been ordered by the court to pursue arbitration.