Legally Speaking FAQ

Brigid A. Duffield

Legally Speaking, Inc.

Brigid educates, entertains, and challenges! As the oldest daughter in an Irish-Catholic family of 10, Brigid brings real life experience to conflict resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Legally Speaking

What topics does Brigid present on?

Brigid offers presentations  on a wide range of topics, including: mediation; other alternative dispute resolution topics; and work/life balance. She is also committed to educating her peers, judges, other members of the bar and the public about the dangers of substance abuse, crisis and recovery. Alternatively, Brigid will tailor a presentation specific to your needs and goals.

Where does Brigid present?

Brigid has presented for a variety of groups, including: the Illinois State Bar Association, the DuPage County Bar Association, the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee, Loyola School of Law, and the National Speakers Association. She has also spoken to mental health professionals, organizations, and in corporate settings as well as Churches and parish gatherings.

How do I book Brigid for my next event?

Please contact Brigid via the Contact Us page. Brigid will discuss with you what you are looking for, your event, your goals, and how your relationship with Brigid can be beneficial to your audience.

How do I reserve a date with Brigid?

You can book a date with no financial commitment which Brigid will hold for 30 days. If another client wants to book Brigid for the same date, we will contact you first before she releases that date to someone else.

How do I secure a firm date with Brigid?

A 50% deposit of Brigid’s fee is required. Once the deposit is paid, Brigid will schedule a time to  interview you about the goals and objectives of the program, and what “takeaways” you want your guests to leave feeling or knowing. This process will allow Brigid to fully personalize the presentation and its message to your attendees.

How do I schedule Brigid for a 40-Hour Mediation Training course or for our next state bar association meeting or mental health convention?

Fill out the contact form to book Brigid.

Can Brigid tailor the program for our group?

Absolutely…IF Brigid is the right speaker for you group. Brigid has a diverse skill set and will tailor her program to meet your needs BUT if she is not the right speaker, she will tell you AND help you find a presenter who fits your needs.

What are Brigid’s requirements for a presentation?

Like most speakers, Brigid will need a space to speak at and often audio/visual equipment. She will provide you with a list specific to your program.

When will Brigid arrive?

Like a true professional, Brigid will want to see the room in advance so she can adjust to best suit the audience. If the venue is out of town (travel required), she will come the day before the event. If it is local, she will come in a few hours before. She will also participate as an attendee to get a true feeling for your group.

Travel expenses for programs outside the Chicago area include one  round trip airfare (coach) from O’Hare Airport, ground transpiration and parking, shipping of equipment, materials and props if necessary.