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The No BS Divorce: Secrets of a Divorce Attorney – book

Brigid dispels the myths and expectations many people have about the process of divorce, and reveals the quirks of getting a divorce through the legal system in this no-nonsense refreshing guide. Brigid shares her secrets as a divorce attorney so you can take the critical actions needed to have a No BS Divorce.

The No BS Divorce: Secrets of a Divorce Attorney – workbook
Brigid’s No BS Divorce Workbook gives you the tools you need to identify your feelings, communicate productively with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse and successfully navigate the legal system. As a companion to Brigid’s book, The No BS Divorce Book, these worksheets lead you through checklists, questions and to-do lists to help you focus and gain control of your circumstances.

NO BS Mediation Manual, 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training Manual
This training manual is the companion publication to the 40 Hour Mediation Training course, designed by Brigid, which is accredited by the Association for Conflict Resolution. The training program qualifies attorneys and other professionals as trained mediators, broadening their practices and allowing eligibility for listing on court-approved mediation lists while meeting the requirements of collaborative law practice. 

The Road to Independence, a woman’s guide to owning her own law firm, published by the American Bar Association.

Legally Speaking-Current Publications

Judges Journal Symposium – Colleagues in Crisis “Sharing Secrets…Saving Lives” and American Bar Association Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs Highlights – “Sharing Secrets…Saving Lives”

ABA – Alcohol and Family Law Practice, A Kaleidoscope of Multifaceted Issues

ISBA Family Law – Prevention of the Emergency Holiday Motion…is it Possible?  Maybe Yes…Maybe No…But Minimizing the Possibility, Absolutely!

DAWL Newsletter – Family Law Mediation

DCBA Brief – Family Law & Client Issues – Educating Families about the Process and the Effect of Divorce

Roundtable Newsletter  To Copyright or Not To Copyright

DCBA Brief – You are the Lobbyist

Reprinted 5/95 ILLINOISFOOD SERVICE NEWS – The Law: How is it Made, How is it Changed, What Really Happens  

Women’s Bar Association of Illinois Article – “My Story, by Anonymous”

Kane County Bar Brief –  The Lawyer’s Assistance Program – Tough Love for Tough People
Co-authored – O’Brien, Callum, Schwartz, Duffield  
Reprinted 10/92  DCBA Brief

Reasons Why Conflict in Marriage Can Deter Divorce” published in the American Journal of Family Law, Fall 2013

From 1983 to 1988, Brigid authored numerous position papers for the Illinois Restaurant Association’s lobbying efforts, as well as their monthly member newsletter.  During that same period, she was also responsible for publication of the Association’s quarterly magazine.